Ben Ronning

Compass - Discover

Compass – Discover Neighborhoods

The Brief

Design a flow where Buyers and/or Renters can discover neighborhoods and expert brokers in unfamiliar cities.

User Goals


Notes and Sketches



Rory explores New York Neighborhoods

Upon reaching the Compass landing page, Rory comes across a section of the webpage inviting him to explore neighborhoods in his selected city. Rory sees a few suggested neighborhoods that he can click, but selects the "Find a Neighborhood" button that hints he can customize the neighborhoods to review.

1.0 Splash_page.png

Rory selects neighborhood characteristics

Selecting "Find a Neighborhood" takes Rory to a page with a fixed set of neighborhood characteristics that act as filters. The page starts with a comprehensive list of~60 neighborhoods in New York City.

2.0 Filter Neighborhoods.png

As Rory selects characteristics that he wants to find in his future neighborhood, the list of New York neighborhoods is refined. The filters act as toggle buttons that Rory can click and play with until he finds a list of neighborhoods he wants to explore more thoroughly.

2.0 Filter Neighborhoods_selected.png

Rory explores a neighborhood from the refined list

Rory selects a neighborhood from the list and is taken to the Neighborhood Guide, which already exists on Compass. This visual storytelling helps give Rory a better impression of the neighborhood before he engages a potential Broker, or searches for local listings.

Rory review featured Listings and Brokers

Rory is served with featured listings for the selected neighborhood. These can be new listings, or properties that Compass flags as particularly attractive for the neighborhood. Rory can jump into an individual listing, or Save the Neighborhood for future viewing. In addition, Rory is provided with a list of Expert Compass Brokers that specialize in the neighborhood he has selected. This makes it easier to find a broker in a city he is unfamiliar with.