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Greenstart – Content Strategy

An overview of content strategy deliverables for Greenstart – a clean energy startup accelerator.


Greenstart was an accelerator based in San Francisco, CA that focused on cleanweb startups. They invested in companies with digital products or services that solved resource constraints by leveraging IT. After making an equity investment, Greenstart would help startup companies by building their network, business model, brand, and UX over an intensive 3 month period.


Greenstart needed to build excitement around its program for several interrelated audiences:

  1. Future startup investments;
  2. Potential startup investors; and,
  3. Early adopters of the portfolio companies

Outreach materials needed to be upbeat, scannable, and at the front of industry news. As a team, we developed a strategy for communicating a compelling brand identity for the accelerator, while promoting the accomplishments of the startups and relaying relevant content to those interested in the clean energy industry.



One of my primary focuses was on the marketing, PR, and communications of Greenstart and its portfolio of startup companies. My key deliverables were outreach materials rich with illustrative graphics and engaging written content. 

My process consisted of ideating concepts, choosing appealing imagery, removing backgrounds, developing artwork, retouching, and finally laying everything out in a blog editor or Mailchimp.

To keep Greenstart's audience engaged, I created 2-3 blog posts and a newsletter each week. In addition, I set up and created Eventbrite announcements to increase attendance rates at events Greenstart hosted or organized each month.

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