Ben Ronning


Ben Ronning is a Product Designer and Digital Strategist based in Berlin


Hi, I’m Ben. I believe too many people spend 8 hours every day in jobs they hate. I’m curious about the impact of emerging technologies, and the potential opportunities to create a more effective and engaging workplace. I skew optimistic, and I’m determined to have a positive impact on the Future of Work.

In the past I helped a create a tool to automate solar design; I co-led the design and launch of a mobile solar assessment tool for one of the largest solar companies in the world; and I helped streamline and launch the first international solar platform.

Aside from this, I like playing music (guitar, drums, and piano), experiencing cities for the first time, going to old movie theatres, and I care deeply about connecting people to their passion.

I’m currently based in Berlin, but originally come from Sioux Falls, SD (the Rushmore State).

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